Trademark Search Report

It is important to register your trade mark for smooth trade but before getting that trade mark it is equally important to analyse as whether there the desired trade mark is already registered or not.  There are many instances wherein there is a common consensus over the same name for the trade mark but after the completion of all the formalities it is brought under the notice of the applicant that such trademark already exists. To avoid such situations it is important to run a trade mark search.

Trademark searches refer to any action taken for the purpose of determining whether and/or a trademark is used in commerce. Trademark searches can be narrow in scope or can include results from every avenue for trademark protection for every mark is remotely similar to the mark that is the subject of the search. An appropriate searching strategy will consider the nature of the mark, the nature of the goods/services the mark covers, the timeline for bringing the mark to commerce, and the applicant’s allocation of resources.